At the Blackboard Institute, our mission is simple: help education leaders at all levels improve student progression. By partnering with a community of education visionaries, we can gain valuable insight and create a collaborative environment for identifying actionable solutions to tough education challenges.

The Institute provides a forum for leaders to come together and discuss scalable solutions that are working to increase graduation rates around the world.  And, together, we take on research projects that illuminate programs and policies at work right now to help more students progress through higher education.  You can find research into dual enrollment and effective online programs – and multiple publications that bear our trademark user-friendly approach – on our website

This past July, 50 education leaders came to the Blackboard Institute 2nd Annual Meeting in Orlando.  We sought out to shape the Institute’s agenda for the coming year with input from some of the top minds in education.  The group discussed more impactful and feasible solutions that improve student progression: adaptive learning, personalized learning, peer-to-peer learning, leadership models that support innovation and mastery-based learning to name a few.

Two topic areas bubbled to the top of the discussion: personalized learning and leadership models that support innovation.  Now, with the help of experts and educators on the ground, the Institute is set to continue our examination of dual enrollment programs and effective online programs, as well as expand our imprint on education change by exploring two additional research areas. We’re always looking to build our network of partners.  We are excited to see where these new topic areas will take us and hope to continue to tackle roadblocks to student success.  Come and join us!  

If you’re interested in dual enrollment, check out Effective Practices in Online Dual Enrollment: Spotlight North Carolina and Dual Enrollment: A Strategy for Educational Advancement for all Students.  If you’re interested in effective online programs, check out A Snapshot of Effective Practices at Virtual High Schools and Effective Practices in Fully Online Higher Education Programs

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  • William B. Doyle

    This is one of the many blogs I’m now coming across reflecting a forward leaning approach to education,incorporating new methods and technologies which students already use. Dept of Defense Dependent Schools (DoDDS) needs to be in on this – they’re stuck in the 1950’s.