We’re excited to announce that our very own Blackboard Personalized Learning Solution stands among one of District Administration magazine’s Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products for 2016.

Every year, K-12 leaders across the country cast their vote for the top educational technology products that make a difference in their schools and districts. According to District Administration magazine, the award is designed to help superintendents and other school leaders identify the products their peers are using to drive school and student success in the areas of technology, sustainability, and curriculum.

The Blackboard Personalized Learning Solution provides an innovative, easy to use, comprehensive foundation for competency-based and personalized teaching, learning and professional development to enable digital transformation. With a simple, powerful learning management system and synchronous web conferencing built for learning, we empowers districts to help all students realize their potential.

Paula Barr headshot

Paula Barr, elementary school teacher at Lawrence Public Schools, and winner of the 2015 iNACOL Teacher of the Year Award

Paula Barr, teacher at Lawrence Public Schools in Kansas and 2015 iNACOL Blended & Online Teacher of the Year, told us about why she nominated Blackboard for the award:  

“I nominated the Blackboard Personalized Learning Solution for the DA Top 100 Products Award because it allows me to personalize all content areas for all students in my blended learning classroom. Students are able to access Blackboard both at home and at school which allows lessons to be flipped, students to involve parents in their learning, and learning to go beyond the brick and mortar and time frame of the traditional school day.”  

Paula went on to share some personalized learning results from her classroom and district:  

“Thanks to Blackboard, I am able to design personalized learning paths for individual students and groups of students. Blackboard allows me to direct and guide learning through videos and information, provide the means for collaborative online discussion, and assign and grade homework, tests and quizzes. I am able to do all of these things at various levels to meet the individual needs of each student. And the best part is that students are 100% engaged with the content and each other throughout the day. Students are self-reliant in managing their learning and moving forward along their personalized learning path.”

To learn more about Lawrence Public Schools’ journey with Blackboard, check out their video and whitepaper.

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