Blackboard, Cisco, Microsoft, Adobe and Samsung are partnering with Swinburne University of Technology located in Melbourne, Australia, to launch the Digital Aquarium, an innovation lab dedicated to the University staff. At the Digital Aquarium, academics can explore and learn how to incorporate new technologies and solutions into their programmes to improve student learning outcomes and help them achieve success.

As part of this collaboration, a Blackboard specialist has been assigned to this unique project to showcase our solution capabilities and drive adoption among tutors and lecturers. One upcoming event to be held in the Digital Aquarium will have Blackboard presenting tools related to flipped classroom and flipped learning, and demonstrating how to implement technology to increase student interaction.

Thanks to the important role played by all partners, the Digital Aquarium, which will be officially launched in the coming months, will offer both academics and support staff the latest education solutions to experiment with.

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