During a recent trip to New Orleans, the Blackboard ProEd team arrived a day early to provide a day’s worth of service to the Samuel J. Green Charter School, a K-8 school with nearly 500 students.  As a company, we focus on technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience across education– but on this particular day, we rolled up our sleeves to paint, garden, clean, serve lunch and experience day-to-day life at this extraordinary school.

The Samuel J. Green Charter School is one of four schools that is part of the FirstLine Network, an open-admission public school that fosters community in New Orleans.  On this day, we were lucky enough to assist the students in their Edible School Yard, an organic teaching garden where students get hands on experience, learning to grow and harvest their own food, then prepare the food which is served in the school’s cafeteria. Needless to say, we were all inspired by this interactive and positive learning environment and we words can’t describe how exciting it was to lend a hand to such a wonderful school.

Watch the video below to see the Professional Education division of Blackboard in action. In addition to our manual labor, the ProEd team members also made personal contributions to be able to donate a much-needed SMART Board to Green Charter.

ProEd in New Orleans from Kevin Alansky on Vimeo.

Giving back

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