Today we are hosting two Teaching and Learning Conferences, in Singapore and Madrid, bringing together educators, technologists and industry leaders who will be sharing best practices and debating ideas on how to improve student engagement and outcomes.

Major topics for these conferences will be the increasing adoption of analytics to boost student achievement, personalising and mobilising the learning experience, and using technology to enable advanced teaching and learning models.

During the conferences our executives will also offer insight into the company’s recently unveiled New Learning Experience and they will share information on the latest student-centric innovations and the company’s product strategy for the upcoming months.

The Teaching and Learning Conference provides participants with an opportunity to share knowledge and wrestle with the challenges faced by universities and institutions worldwide. A profound digital transformation, coupled with impressive cultural shifts, requires a broad, new way of thinking.  This provides a challenging and interesting opportunity for institutions to re-evaluate what it means to be relevant to their most important constituent – the learner.

Today’s events follow the successful Teaching and Learning Conferences held earlier this year in Liverpool, UK, Adelaide, Australia and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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