I’m incredibly proud to announce that we have extended and improved our partnership with Moodle.  First and foremost, this means that Blackboard will continue to fund and invest alongside Moodle Pty in the advancement of the Moodle project.

Blackboard’s dedication to its clients that use Moodle and to the broader Moodle community has been clear since the acquisition of Moodlerooms and NetSpot in 2012 and today’s announcement further testifies to that commitment.

Moreover, and perhaps this is the most important point for our customers, Moodle and Blackboard will improve their coordination and expectations around development goals and issue resolution, and Blackboard will be able to make a significant contribution to the discussion (more news about this in the coming months).

Finally, but not less important, as Blackboard has expanded its global reach of Moodle clients, we are adding new countries where we will be designated official Moodle Partners, such as Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Germany, France, and Spain.  While we operate our Moodle business in more than 40 countries, having the designation of an official Moodle partner for a country allows us to more closely align with Moodle’s strategy in the region.

From today, Blackboard itself, rather than its individual Moodle companies (Moodlerooms, NetSpot, Nivel 7, and Remote Learner UK) is an official Moodle Partner.  This may seem like an issue of semantics, but I believe it is a symbol of the importance of Moodle to our strategy.

I’ve been involved in the Moodle community for the more than 5 years now, and over the past 18 months, we’ve seen the community change and evolve considerably. In the midst of all of the changes, we continue to move forward. Over the coming months and years, you will continue to see investment in Moodle and in other open source projects, and you will continue to see Blackboard leading in innovation for educational technology.

Watch this space.



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