Teachers have touched all of our lives: family members who teach, your own teacher from elementary school, a teacher of a child in your life, and more. As part of Teacher Appreciation Month, our employees want to thank teachers for all that they do and share a few impactful stories of how teachers have touched their lives. 

Katie Blot, Chief Strategy Officer

“Thank you Ms. Kreiger, my 9-year old son’s third grade teacher. I am infinitely grateful that Ms. Kreiger has a focus well beyond academics. She set goals for her kids to not just learn third grade concepts, but to develop in key areas to be good learners for life; to establish skills like persistence and to not being afraid to fail. She spends time making sure these are constantly taught, reinforced and celebrated. She has not just made learning fun for our son, she has made him eager to grow these life skills.”

Lee Blakemore, President of Blackboard International

“Thank you to Dr. Russ Jones, Head of the History Department at Westminster College where I was a History major. He taught me how to synthesize information quickly to understand the real issue buried beneath the surface. One of my toughest assignments was wring a 1 page book report on a 400+ page book. He would say to me, ‘Anyone can fill 10 pages, the challenge is getting it all into one page.’ I use that skill every day.”

Van Davis, Education Analysis Director

“In high school my government teacher, Mr. James Bradford, pushed me to think critically and question my assumptions more than any other teacher I ever had. I hated it when he told me I had ‘tunnel vision,’ but in retrospect I realize he was right. Ten years later as I was finishing a PhD in US history with an emphasis on civil rights movements, I realized how much his challenges and discussions about civil rights influenced my graduate studies.”

Ashley R. Miller, Application Analyst

“I had a fantastic teacher in elementary school I was actually fortunate enough to have her twice. Her name is Mrs. Hodges and she taught at Smith Elementary School in Martinsville, IN. I had a terrible experience in first grade and I came from that grade feeling like I wasn’t capable of doing well in anything. I dreaded school and was behind in pretty much every subject. Mrs. Hodges was my teacher for second and fourth grade. Her approach to teaching was innovative at the time because she allowed students to choose what assignment type they wanted to complete. Being able to make a choice showed me early on that I could be in charge of my own education this gave me a sense of ownership that I didn’t have before. I firmly believe that just having the ability to make a choice and take ownership helped me to succeed in elementary through high school and ultimately, college.”

Terri Ann Bennett, Moodlerooms Director of Client Engagement

“Tasha Christmas is an awesome teacher on the Moodlerooms platform. She has been a huge student advocate for online learning for years and uses Moodle every day to communicate with students, grade student activities, and help students achieve their grade in an online class. This isn’t an easy task especially when working with middle and high school students who are still learning study skills, time management and how to use an LMS to complete an online course. Tasha displays patience and knowledge for her online English classes in order to help students get the necessary credit. Tasha teaches for the South Carolina Department of Education in the South Carolina Virtual School program.”

Thank you to all the teachers around the globe for positively impacting students every day. We appreciate you!

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