This summer marks Blackboard’s 9th annual Developers Conference in Las Vegas, on July 11-12, just before BbWorld. DevCon has come a long way since its roots as a developer workshop meetup at Georgetown University.

DevCon has evolved through the years to meet the needs of all of Blackboard’s technical community. It is the premier professional development opportunity of the year to learn about the technical capabilities of the product and get your technical questions answered. Sessions this year focus on topics including:

  • Performance, reliability, and security
  • System administration, capacity planning, and back office integration
  • Open Standards, interoperability, and change management
  • Building learning tools that make course administration easier and facilitate evolving pedagogical models

Our keynote, John Fritz, Assistant Vice President Instructional Technology & New Media at University of Maryland Baltimore County, highlights an impressive use of learning analytics within Blackboard Learn to increase student retention.

For me personally, this is my 6th DevCon. Others have been attending since the very beginning. OSCELOT is also in its 6th year of hosting Open Source Day on the Sunday prior to DevCon. OSD provides a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with developers of the free Building Blocks that you love, including the Sign Up Tool and the OSCELOT Podcaster.

Please join us for an exciting time. Registration discounts are still in effect.

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