In our second installment of the Blackboard Connect social media integration feature spotlight, we turn to Dundee, MI who uses Blackboard Connect, in conjunction with their Facebook page, to respond to severe weather.

The Village of Dundee,
Michigan is about 30 minutes away from Ann Arbor and has a population of about
4,000 residents. The community launched a Facebook
in November of last year, and it has already been liked
by more than 1,400 fans.

DundeefbthumbA year ago, Village Trustee Greg Lazette decided to implement
the Blackboard Connect service to better communicate with residents and share
information, not only about urgent situations, but also for community events
and happenings. Starting in April 2010, Lazette has been updating the Villages Facebook page using Blackboard

With the Blackboard Connect social media integration feature,
keeping residents informed is easier than ever. After a brief training and
implementation session, Lazette now sends notification calls using Blackboard
Connect and, by simply clicking the appropriate box, he can automatically
update the Facebook page with the same message. 

We use the
function every time we make a call,
said Lazette. By sending a
combination of messages using a variety of communication platforms, we want to
overcome negative perceptions about local government and disprove ideas of
folks working behind closed doors. Increased community outreach helps in
bridging the gap between local government and residents.

A quick scan of Dundee's Wall posts on Facebook confirms the
conversational nature of the Blackboard Connect notifications. When recent
storms led to a tree collapse and road closures, the Village's Blackboard
Connect messages were cross-posted on Facebook, and residents could weigh in
with supporting information – and even "Like" the message. Dundee
also uses the Facebook page to alert the community about upcoming test calls
and surveys from Blackboard Connect, as well as to drive residents' enrollment of
contact info into the system.

The feedback has been great so far. One resident wrote on
Dundee's Wall: "I love the new system it's wonderful to keep us so
informed on all that is going on."

When a tornado touched down in the Village of Dundee late in the
evening of June 5, the Blackboard Connect system proved invaluable. As the
storm brewed, Lazette sent out a message
warning of severe weather and urging residents to take cover. Emergency sirens
sounded, but with twisters touching down at 11 p.m., the calls reached more
than 800 residents as they were delivered directly to their phones — awaking
some who were unaware of the cyclone raging out their window. 

Once the skies cleared, Lazette utilized the Blackboard Connect
system to coordinate recovery
and relief efforts
for the Village, as well as to reassure residents that
the water
supply is safe
. Using the social media integration function, message and
calls are posted directly to the Facebook page,
to the delight of residents. In the wake of the tornado, the Village of Dundees Facebook page has become a virtual
hub for residents to express their gratitude and appreciation to the city
officials for their continuous work in restoring and repairing damages.

In an article published in the local newspaper, the Monroe News,
Village of Dundee resident, Jen Wheeler said of Blackboard Connect, I think its very important and a great system to have. It gives us a
piece of mind that the community is looking [out] for us.

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