Its increasingly evident the important role social media plays in everyday life. From the
mundane to the catastrophic, events are being reported by peers
minute-by-minute, as they happen. According to the Pew
Internet & American Life Project
, one-third
(35 percent) of American adult Internet-users have a profile on an online
social network site.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter present new avenues to connectfacebook_2_1
and exchange information, so its
no surprise more users are logging on every day. That growing audience is one
reason social media is quickly becoming a mainstream platform for
forward-looking school administrators and government officials that want to establish
relationships and maintain open conversations with community members.

At the same time, schools and communities have made significanttwitter-logo
investments in mass notification
platforms, like Blackboard Connect, that
disseminate important time-sensitive information. And they’re wondering how to
integrate these authoritative, one-to-many communications into the more
conversational nature of the social graph.

At Blackboard Connect, we’re trying to answer that question by
incorporating Facebook and Twitter APIs into the service and allowing our
customers to integrate Blackboard Connect messages into their social media
presences. To help streamline communication efforts, customers can now update
Facebook and Twitter pages by using the Blackboard Connect social media
integration feature.

We’re a few weeks into this experiment, and the initial results
have surprised us. At first, we expected the primary benefit of this feature to
be time-savings, helping to streamline our clients’ multimodal outreach efforts
with automatic Facebook and Twitter updates.  What we’ve found, however,
is more than that clients are
finding that social media integration has led to a more interactive
back-and-forth when it comes to community notification.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing some of these client
stories. First up – we’ll look at how the Village of Dundee, MI keeps residents
informed and aware during a tornado thanks to the coupling of Blackboard
Connect messages and Facebook status updates.

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  • Gah650

    This is fantastic news. As both an educator (college of business at Loyola, New Orleans – use bb every day.) and the founder of a strategic marketing consulting firm (we work with fortune 500 companies, higher ed, and entertainment to help them leverage social media to increase awareness and revenue), I’m delighted to hear about your initiatives.

  • priya

    nice post