In a recent article, CNN listed the top 25 companies for leaders according to Fortune Magazine.  The article states that the companies listed “go above an beyond the call of duty when it comes to grooming talent from within.” Though there is great diversity in the Fortune list, which includes an American fast-food company, a Chinese property developer, and a Spanish bank, what the companies share in common is the view that cultivating strong leaders is a “strategic priority.”

Many of these corporations begin fostering leadership at the entry level and promote continuous learning for those leaders all the way up to the C-suite.  This helps to form leaders who are knowledgeable of and invested in their companies, especially when leadership is developed over the long term. So what’s their secret to talent and leadership success?  Well, we know that Blackboard plays a role with several of the listed companies, which demonstrates how our solution is key to building an exceptional professional learning culture. This commonality indicates that organizations dedicated to effective training and development are gravitating towards Blackboard for professional education solutions… and are getting results they desire.

One of the overarching reasons that these and other successful companies choose Blackboard is our ability to provide clients with an environment for continuous learning.  Through tools such as webinars, social collaboration, and custom training plans, Blackboard gives professionals the opportunity to engage with learning and ensure that training is relevant and accessible. Read about our Impact on Business model to see the measurable ways we drive value for our clients, and see how Blackboard can help foster learning and leadership in your organization.

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