The Alliance for Excellent Education report, “Writing Next,” states that the skill of writing is a predicator of academic success and a basic requirement for participation in the global economy. Yet, according to a survey of business leaders issued by College Board, a third of corporations surveyed said one third or fewer of their employees possess the writing skills that companies value.

Improving writing skills at the college level is a critical step in preparing students for success in their professional lives. That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with Measurement Incorporated, provider of the cutting-edge online writing program, PEG Writing Scholar™. This complementary tool enables students to practice various types of writing via online prompts and receive instant feedback. In addition to writing prompts, students have access to a library of tutorials designed to improve development, organization, language/style, conventions and grammar. Furthermore, PEG Writing Scholar’s grade sync allows instructors to be notified instantly when a student completes an essay and will have immediate access to that students’ score report. When used as part of regular writing practice, PEG Writing Scholar prepares students for all types of writing, from class reports to employment cover letters.

The PEG Writing Scholar integration is available now through the Blackboard Partner Cloud building block for Blackboard Learn and will be available for Moodlerooms later this fall. To learn more, visit, register for a live demo, or contact PEG Writing Scholar.


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