Introducing Blackboard Achieve – the next step for Blackboard Data


We’ve been sharing insights on the influx of use in our EdTech platform throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve used these insights to inform innovations that enable personalized experiences on your campus based on aggregate data from around the globe. Through Blackboard Achieve we put these insights into your hands with a unique view into your institution’s data so that you can provide your students with a more personalized experience by knowing what’s driving student performance in every department, program and course.  

With our broad portfolio of EdTech products – the learning management system, virtual classroom, originality reporting tool, accessibility tools – we are uniquely positioned to bring together data from across your education ecosystem. This comprehensive view and the ability to surface data in a digestible way helps leaders, teachers, learners, and other stakeholders make more informed decisions to drive institutional and student success.  

With this in mind, we built the Blackboard Data platform to provide you with a single place to access data from all of your Blackboard products. This includes the Blackboard Reporting stack which provides access to this combined data model and, for eligible clients, pre-built reports on adoption. 

Today we hit another milestone. We launched our first cohort of early adopters for the next solution on the Blackboard Data platform – Blackboard Achieve. Students and educators engage with content, technologies and their learning communities every day inside your Blackboard EdTech platform. Blackboard Achieve translates their digital engagement to student performance through a web-based tool, unlocking the ability to know what works, what doesn’t and how to adjust to drive success for your unique students. 

Blackboard Achieve will help you identify digital engagement measures you should be tracking and then put these insights directly into your hands so you can know what’s working and what’s not down to the department, program, term, course and learner. And the best part is that unlike other similar solutions, we can deploy these reports in a matter of days, not months, so you can be making data-driven decisions faster than ever. 

Blackboard Achieve can answer questions like: 

  • Which subject areas are under-performing? 
  • What engagement factors impact student performance? 
  • Are we grading assignments quickly enough to inform improvement? 
  • Are students getting enough instructor engagement? 
  • Are students completing assessments on time? 
  • How much content is “enough”?

We invited a select group of higher education clients in the United States for this first cohort. These institutions will have 60-day access to the solution and will provide feedback to inform development of the product throughout this period. After the new year, we plan to offer Blackboard Achieve to more clients in the United States and then roll out across other regions eligible for Blackboard Data. Find out more on the Blackboard Achieve web page and register your interest to be included in a future cohort.

Get ready to understand your students through a new lens with Blackboard Achieve.