The British Columbia Career Colleges Association (BCCCA) is hosting its annual conference from October 27th-29th, and Blackboard’s own Tim Naylor will be presenting!  The conference will feature representatives from over 70 of the most successful and dynamic private colleges in British Columbia, as well as stakeholders from government and industry.

Conference attendees will be able to see Blackboard products in action, hear Tim give two presentations on the value of educational software innovations, and of course, speak directly with Blackboard representatives about the ins and outs of educational delivery technology. We’re excited to have this opportunity to show the career college sector how Blackboard can help their organization deliver an online learning solution that enables adult learners to reach their highest potential.  Blackboard always strives to integrate feedback from our clients, as was demonstrated in the Service Pack 6 upgrade for Blackboard Learn, and we look forward to discussing the benefits of these innovations with the delegates we meet in British Columbia. Will we see you at BCCCA 2011?

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