It’s Valentine’s day, a time for showing how much we care about the special people in our lives.  It’s a time for romance — when things seem to naturally go in twos.  In the spirit of the day, I thought I would share some information about the many partnerships and alliances that Blackboard has that would satisfy any educator’s sweet tooth.

Blackboard partners with content creators and distributors to provide administrators and teachers with free and paid plug-ins – we call these “Building Blocks.”   These add-ons work with Blackboard Learn to create a dynamic and engaging learning and teaching experience.

Our NBC partnership has resulted in NBC News Archives on Demand which provides more than 10,000 historic and current event video resources to enhance lectures and online courses.  This content is updated daily, is even mapped to state education standards, and easily embedded into the Learn platform.  As a special Valentine’s Day promotion, you can check out this NBC Learn video, “Chemistry of Chocolate,” for free!

Another great Building Block, our Blackboard Learn Toolbar, uses the intuitive Microsoft Bing search engine to improve the web browsing experience.  The toolbar functions to create a safe and personal learning environment for students with a strong focus on content, collaboration, and accessibility.

To help teachers create online learning content, Blackboard teamed up with SoftChalk.  Our SoftChalk building block allows teachers to create multimedia online content without the need for programming knowledge.  In addition, this Building Block enables SoftChalk ScoreCenter –  a new, easy and reliable way to track and analyze student score data from SoftChalk content into the Blackboard gradebook.

Our searchable online Extension catalog is easily accessible on our Blackboard Extensions page.  And don’t forget – many of our partners will be in Las Vegas for Bb World 2011 in July!

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