Putting students first is worthy of praise. But don’t take our word for it.

After being named Best Consumer Value during the Paybefore Awards at the Prepaid Expo in Orlando, Florida, an independent panel of industry experts and visitors to Paybefore.com designated BlackboardPay Best-in-Category, edging out offerings from American Express, Walmart and Blackhawk Networks for this honor. BlackboardPay is the only program designed specifically for higher education recognized with a Best-in-Category distinction.

BlackboardPay is an FDIC-insured prepaid card program that gives students immediate access to their financial aid and student payroll funds without having to wait for a paper check or an ACH disbursement, providing the institution with a phenomenal opportunity to provide their students with a program that’s practically unheard of in the student market.

With the cost of education becoming a progressively hotter topic and the long-term impact of debt becoming clearer to students, we know how important it is that students have free and clear access to their financial aid funds. Not just for the sake of compliance with federal regulations, but because every penny of these disbursements possible should go towards tuition, room, board (and pizza!), not to a bank. That’s why we designed BlackboardPay to protect students from things like overdraft charges and PIN debit fees, and made it simple to withdraw funds, surcharge-free, at 50,000 Allpoint® ATMs around the world, more than 3,600 Walmarts and thousands of in-lobby banking partners in the U.S.

In addition to this Best Consumer Value award, we previously won a best-in-category award for the Best Government Funded Prepaid offering.  More than symbolic victories, these awards provide an objective acknowledgement that we are on the right track, delivering solutions to help our client institutions and their students strip away the unnecessary costs in credit balance delivery and access.

After all, it’s not sufficient to simply acknowledge the challenge; in partnership with our clients we can do better, together.

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