As we prepare for another great year on the Next Level Learning blog, we wanted to look back at some of your favorite posts from 2012.  So, without further ado, here is a list of some of our most popular blog posts from the past year:


Career Colleges
Mulgrew: “The lecture does not work.” Do you agree? At this year’s Professional Colleges and Universities Summit, Frank Mulgrew of Post University discussed the disadvantages of passive learning at career colleges. This post explores his arguments as well as the important role active learning plays in professional education.




Best Practices in Military Training How can military trainers adapt to today’s constant technological changes while preparing soldiers for what lies ahead? In this post, we discuss some of the key ways our modern military leverages technology to provide cutting-edge learning and to execute mission goals.




Salesforce + Sales Training = Recipe for Success One of our favorite things to do at Blackboard is to meet with our clients and discuss how professional training is helping them meet and exceed their business goals. In this post, we sat down with training leaders at Living Social to hear how Blackboard Learn for Salesforce was making a real impact on their sales team.


Once again, this year’s posts show the variety of interests among our readership as well as the broad range of professional education solutions offered by Blackboard. But are there any topics you would like to see more often as we kick off 2013? Be sure to leave any thoughts or suggestions you may have in the comments below!

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