By: Nancy Edwards, State
College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

"JING" – a new
addition to the eLearning lexicon!

Definition: verb – to instantly create and make available an audio/video or
image screen capture. Usage: "
I jinged a demonstration of uploading a
syllabus and sent the link to you
noun – A presentation created with Jing project.  Usage "
Could you
send me a jing of the problem you are having?

In this age of ever-dwindling resources and budgets, Jing has become an
indispensable and practical tool with many, many uses.  Need to create a
quick tutorial, document a problem with particular software, or just show
someone the right option to choose on a particular screen?  Jing can do

Jing Project is a screen capture utility from TechSmith that creates
audio/video files in Flash or MP4 formats and still images in JPG format. 
It resides on the desktop and is ready to use whenever you need it.  Most
of its features are available in its free version; the MP4 and webcam options
are available at a very low annual cost.  This isn't a fancy tool and it
does have some limitations.  For example, each Jing is limited to 5
minutes and the editing tools are very simplistic.  However, don't let the
limitations fool you – it is an incredibly useful program! 

I have used it as an LMS Administrator to show faculty how to use a particular
feature.  I have also had faculty send me a jing to illustrate a problem
they are having; this alone has been a tremendous time saver since sometimes it
isn't easy for them to describe a problem.  Faculty use it in an online
course to show students what they want them to do for a particular assignment. 
These are just a few of the many ways I have seen it used.

The "Wing it with Jing" presentation at BbWorld will both demonstrate
how to use Jing and brainstorm the many different ways that it might be used in
an academic or business environment.  I have found that the more I use it,
the more uses I find for it.  My main regret is when I realize when I
SHOULD have used it, but didn't think of it!

So come join the presentation – and soon you too will be "winging it with

Session Info:

Title: Wing it with Jing

Date: July 14, 3:15-4:00 p.m.

Room: Sun 1/2

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