Guest Post by Dr. Malcolm Murray, Learning Technologies Team Leader at Durham University. Dr. Murray’s session, “Rethinking Student Feedback” focuses on Pedagogical Best Practices using Blackboard Learn, Release 9.x. Join him on 7/13/2011, 3:00 PM – 3:55 PM,  Titian 2206.

Feedback (and feeding forward) is a hot topic in higher education, with recent student satisfaction metrics only serving to increase institutions’ focus in this area. Durham University has commissioned a range of studies into feedback, involving both staff (faculty) and students. These describe the current provision, identify effective practice and areas for improvement.  Some of the student views in particular came as a surprise.

My BbWorld presentation will use these findings to look at the entire process – from both the student and staff perspective. It will begin with our recommendations for setting online assessments, before moving to look at electronic submission. This includes a revealing time plot showing how near to (and for some, surprisingly long after) the deadline students submit their work! I then plan to share experiences of experiments in online marking (some using tablets, some audio feedback).  Then I want to consider the options for the return of work and feedback, particularly those which promote/permit reflection and dialogue.

During the session I will be discussing the use of features found in Blackboard Learn, Releases 9.0 and 9.1, Turnitin and GradeMark; sharing experiences from staff and students and revealing plans for some bespoke tools (including a feedback “dashboard”).

I will end by trying to place both the demand for feedback and the likely effectiveness of these approaches into a framework reflecting alternative views of students – as either consumers or producers (new members of an academic community of practice).

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  • Nick

    Considering that some Blackboard assessment questions don’t even have an option or allow feedback this should be an interesting session. Shame I will miss it.

  • Gregory

    As a college student at Victor Valley Community college we utilize Blackboard on feed back on homework and assessment results continuously. I like the system because I can easily communicate with my professor on grades, questions assignment and view upcoming events that are necessary for my education.

    I enjoy the user friendly interface of Bb and Black Board Learn. Nice article.

    • Alastair

      Shill much?