Guest Post by Misty Cobb, Director of Distance Education, Jacksonville State University

Once upon a time…well maybe not.  Last year at this time, Jacksonville State University was considering other learning management systems for their institution. But over the past year, Blackboard and JSU have taken significant strides towards building a relationship that is a true mutual partnership.   What does your relationship with Blackboard look like? Have you evaluated other learning management systems hoping that the grass was greener somewhere?  If so, this panel presentation may bring you hope.

Despite a ten-year relationship with Blackboard, JSU began the process of evaluating and preparing for a move to another learning management system.  After JSU reviewed its relationship with Blackboard, JSU’s strategic account executive, Jim Johnson, reached out and began taking difficult strides to rekindle the relationship with JSU.  My co-presenters, Carey Smouse and Kerri Anne Reese, and I proceeded with planned attendance at BbWorld 2010 in an effort to resolve long-standing issues with service and product satisfaction.  BbWorld 2010 proved to be the catalyst for transforming the relationship JSU had with Blackboard.  For the first time, we were able to meet key Blackboard employees and gain a better understanding of actions that JSU and Blackboard could take to improve communication and processes.  In addition, we became aware of and began participating in many of Blackboard’s Community Programs; some include the Blackboard Idea Exchange, the Upgrade Cohort, and Blackboard User Groups (BamaBUG).   As our confidence and trust in Jim and Blackboard grew, we began exploring ways to further the relationship.  In less than one year, JSU moved from licensing only one platform, Blackboard Learn, to three additional platforms – Blackboard Mobile Learn and Mobile Central, Blackboard Connect, and Blackboard Collaborate.

Come listen as we tell our story from a variety of perspectives, including JSU’s director of distance education, the instructional designer (yes, we only have one), system administrator and JSU’s Blackboard strategic account executive.  We are coming to BbWorld to help you learn from our successes and failures.  We are also coming to BbWorld to continue to learn how we can make our partnership with Blackboard stronger and to learn from others in the Blackboard community. Opportunities abound for partnership development, and our hope is that you will leave our session with plenty of ideas for use in writing your own story of cooperation and collaboration with Blackboard.

Session Details:

Title: One Institution, One Year, One Valuable Blackboard Relationship

Date: July 13, 2011 from 8:20 AM – 9:15 AM

Room: Venetian A at the Venetian Congress Center

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