As more students take the leap into virtual learning, we’re witnessing increased discussion about student success and retention in the online realm. And as even casual observers of the conversation know, an effective and efficient mix of student services that keeps these non-traditional students from falling through the cracks is really important.

But with a limited budget and increased enrollments, where should you begin?  We asked virtual learning administrators across the country to highlight effective practices in student services for online learners – and with that information we published a short snapshot to guide other educators looking to better support students’ long-term educational success, which we’ll release at BbWorld 2011.

Join us on Wednesday July 13th at 3:00pm in Las Vegas at the Venetian Congress Center – Bellini 2106 when three of those folks we spoke with will discuss the Nine Effective Practices to Support Student Success Online.

Session Panelists:

These three administrators in successful online programs will lead the discussion and take a closer look at the nine best practices that educators and administrators of predominantly online programs say are crucial to improving retention and graduation rates for online learners.

The Blackboard Institute’s newest publication, Effective Practices Snapshot: Student Services for Online Learners Higher Education Edition, highlights these nine best practices and provides greater insight as to why students who do a significant amount of their coursework online require a different mix of services than their peers on campus, as well as around-the-clock availability. Join our session for your first chance to receive a hardcopy of the report.

This session will help you develop a service infrastructure that can support the breadth and depth of services necessary for student persistence and progression online – a must see for anyone working with or moving towards online learning in higher education. Let’s face it: Demand for virtual instruction is increasing in higher education and quality student supports need to be a priority. Find out where to begin!

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