It’s hard to believe that BbWorld is now behind us and the summer is half way over. But, hopefully you are looking ahead to the start of your school year and are better prepared, putting the best practices and lessons learned from BbWorld 2010 into action.

If you were with us in Orlando, you know that this year’s event was jam packed with exciting keynotes and announcements, client and Bb-led sessions, a bustling show floor and a TON of conversations. More than ever before, the “Twitterverse” proved to be an invaluable back channel for communication for those attending the show as well as those following along virtually.

I also want to highlight some great resources, connecting you to the sessions in case you missed them or want to revisit. More than 60 client and Bb-led presentations have been uploaded to our Connections site. Check here and check as more presentations are still coming online. Additionally, check out the videos that were created by the roving client reporters. Clips include interviews with other clients and sights and sounds from the week.

And, here is a sample of blog posts from client bloggers. I know that many of you were blogging throughout the week or have general thoughts about the conference, so please speak up and post a comment below.

NUAMPS Blog: @BbWorld 2010 from @HarlanWallach, Northwestern

Laura Gekeler Speaks Her Mind from @lgekeler, University of Notre Dame

BbWorld Conference Blog (unofficial) from @ekunnen, Grand Rapids Community College

Of course, we’re always looking to improve our implementation of social media at BbWorld, so if you have thoughts and recommendations for things you would like to see next year, please leave those comments below, too.

Thanks to everyone who joined the conversation and helped make this year’s conference our best yet.

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