Every year, we invite education’s leading visionaries to Las Vegas for 3 days of conversation at BbWorld. As with everything we are doing here at Blackboard, we wanted to think about new ways we could engage with you and help everyone join the conversation. I am incredibly excited to launch BbWorld K-12 Live: a brand new, digital track of BbWorld just for the K-12 community. Fully virtual. And for free.

We have organized three days of digital programming designed to support two-way communication between the community members tuning in from home and those of us on site as we discuss tough questions and share our visions for the future of education. Over 2,000 educators have already signed up in addition to several leading districts who are hosting small group viewing parties from their schools.

I couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming conversations. I’ve listed out a few highlights below. I’ll be tweeting from the event using #BbWorldK12Live. Join me in the conversation, ask questions and share your perspectives. I’ll also share exciting company news and announcements, including an exciting new partnership with Blended Schools Network. You can find me at @markbelles.

BbWorld K-12 Live Highlights

Nick Provenzano: Making a Genius in Every Hour
@thenerdyteacher is someone I follow on Twitter. I love the awesome ways this high school English teacher engages his students in non-traditional ways. This time he’s done something pretty much unheard of: he’s given his students the freedom to work on anything they want one day per week. He says himself that it sounds like madness, but the results are pretty incredible.

Social Media: It Isn’t Just What You Had for Breakfast
I’ve been using Twitter more and more to understand key issues in K-12 and learn from educators on the front lines of education. In this session Steven Anderson (aka @web20classroom) will be sharing tips, tricks and best practices for getting the most out of Twitter. I’m excited to learn from the master.

Lawrence Public Schools: Disrupting the Factory Model with Blended Learning
Student engagement is the driving factor behind the changes a group of forward-thinking pilot group members in Lawrence Public Schools has made. These innovative teachers have entirely reimagined their classroom so there is no “front of the class.” I love this kind of creativity and I can’t wait to learn more about what they are doing in person.

Bob Wise
In this keynote address Bob Wise (@BobWise48), president of the Alliance for Excellence in Education, will share his perspective on the future of K-12, based on his experiences launching Digital Learning Day and Project 24. With an acute ability to engage the masses online, I have no double that we’ll all leave this session inspired.

Geoffrey Canada
Mr. Canada is truly a visionary. Last year, during his TED Talk he asked the question, “Why do our schools look so much like they did 50 years ago?” At Blackboard, we strive to learn something every day. I’m sure that I’ll be learning more than just one thing from Mr. Canada. This session will not be recorded, so be sure to tune in live on Thursday at 10:15AM PT and follow the Harlem Children’s Zone @hczorg.

Click here to view the full schedule and sign up. Once logged in, use the comments to share your thoughts, ideas and reactions. See you online!

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