It seems like every day brings a new report of the stock market retreating, a newspaper folding or some other macro- or micro- economic meltdown. Closer to home, many professionals have already seen definite cutbacks in their working lives – especially where travel, training and conferences are concerned. With budgets tight, it seems like fewer participants can afford to attend very relevant and worthwhile events.

Which is why we’re so excited about the early news on registration for BbWorld ’09: as of this week, more than 500 members of the community have registered for the event. This number significantly outpaces registration rates over the past two years and includes representatives from 10 different countries and 44 states. Already, there are more than 70 registrants from the K-12 community and more than 70 for DevCon. Sixty-five percent have attended BbWorld in the past.

What does this mean?

Even in tough times, BbWorld attendees recognize that the event can be a big part of helping them be more successful throughout the year. Participants know they’ll spend a lot of time training up on new solutions and taking part in peer to peer knowledge and information sharing that helps them do their jobs more effectively. It’s only once a year that so many members of the community can join with educators, experts and innovators of all stripes to work together on finding ways to enhance and improve the work they do.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing more updates, including announcements on program content, keynote speakers and additional workshops. In the meantime, keep BbWorld in mind as an important opportunity to share knowledge and ideas for more effectively approaching the challenges of your day to day. To date, over 20,000 members of the education community have attended BbWorld events in the last 12 years. And while 500+ registrations this early may seem like a surprise given everything that’s going on, it wouldn’t be to them.

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