Like so many other industries in this evolving digital age, our education industry faces a daunting set of new and expanding challenges. Not only has this profound digital transformation created astounding cultural shifts, it’s done so amid a backdrop of shifting demographics and an uncertain economy. These conditions have combined to put immense pressure on institutions to adapt. The greatest pressure of all, however, is coming from the learners themselves. With more options than ever, students today expect to receive much more from the learning experience in return for their investment.

From our vast experience working with some of the nation’s top educators, we believe smart institutions of all types view this challenge as an opportunity to reevaluate what it means to be relevant to their most important constituent—the student. Both traditional and post–traditional students demand anew learning lifecycle that demands institutions respond on several critical fronts—from how they use technology across the learning journey to how they connect the academic experience to a rewarding career.

Answering these challenges requires broad, new thinking. It requires big ideas. It requires real innovation. It also requires an environment that brings the industry together in the kind of collaborative way that generates meaningful answers to big questions, like:

• What’s hype and what’s reality?
• How can you arm yourself with the knowledge and insight necessary to navigate this student-led shift?
• How do you ensure you’re the preferred choice of a demanding, digital-native student population?

BbWorld has been designed to probe these questions and address the needs of key industry leadership groups, including an exclusive gathering of the foremost industry experts and thought leaders.

In the coming days, we’ll reach out to our community of leaders to attend this important event, which takes place July 15-17 in Las Vegas.  Participants will:
• Learn from highly regarded experts what’s needed to ensure your institution’s long-term relevancy and success
• Hear case studies from, and network directly with, your peers and thought leaders in education
• Build a strong set of best practices and definitive first steps toward making real progress

As the world’s largest education technology company, Blackboard is committed to having a lasting impact on the industry through the work we do with our customers, partners and other members of the community. We invite you to join us in our shared mission to reimagine education by challenging conventional thinking and advancing new models of learning. This event promises to be the premier education technology event of the season, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

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