Equipped with more learning alternatives than ever before, students are placing unprecedented demands on institutions to deliver on the expectation of a more personalized, engaged, and flexible educational experience. As a result, leaders must address a number of critical issues that sit at the heart of any institution’s relevance in this ever-shifting landscape, including

  • How to build enrollment through better marketing and recruiting engagement;
  • How to retain students by delivering world-class student support;
  • Using data to drive campus decision-making.

As a leader in the business of education and education technology, Blackboard works with higher-education leadership at the forefront of change every day. That front-row seat offers us a rare opportunity to foster crucial knowledge sharing in what we consider a joint mission to reimagine education—and we’ve never been more committed. That’s precisely why we’re launching our inaugural Leadership Forum at BbWorld 2014  in Las Vegas from July 15-17, featuring a series of keynotes, client-led sessions and panel discussions, and networking opportunities geared specifically to academic and administrative leaders.

The Leadership Forum offers a combination of big ideas, broad perspectives, and real innovation that discipline-specific conferences simply can’t provide. Attendees will

Joining us for these and other important discussions will be a who’s who of innovators and change agents in global education leadership, including Ray Schroeder, Director of UPCEA’s Center for Online Leadership and Strategy, as well as speakers from Syracuse, Georgetown, Texas A&M University, and Kentucky Community & Technical College System, among many others.

Click here to get more information about BbWorld and the Leadership Forum—and to take advantage of our early-bird pricing!

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