As we are putting the finishing touches on this year’s BbWorld 2012 event, many Blackboard users are packing their bags and making the trip down to join us in the Big Easy. We are very excited and doing our best to keep our lips sealed as this year brings many big announcements and surprises. Of course, one thing we can’t help but shout from the rooftop as we gear up is the importance of text messaging for university and higher education institutions.

This past year, we have previously demonstrated the value of text messaging to campus communities. At BbWorld 2012, we have arranged a handful of speakers to present their successful and effective uses of texting in the higher education environments. Brian Hipkin, Dean of Students at Regents College, has been especially successful and innovative in using the Blackboard ConnectTxt service (formerly known as txttools) to develop and deploy engaging programs to attract and retain college students.

Last fall, Brian served as the keynote speaker at the annual ConnectTxt user even in the UK, ‘Let’s Talk Txt.’ He’ll be bringing his eye-opening presentation to BbWorld 2012 to discuss the ways in which texting has come to serve as the underlying fabric of social connection. Having a solid understanding of texting as a viable and effective communication mode can help shape unique outreach programs and implement similar communication strategies on campus.

Don’t miss the session, “Doing More for Less in 160 Characters,” with Brian Hipkin on July 12 at 4:15 p.m. And stay tuned for more announcements regarding the Blackboard ConnectTxt service as we get closer to BbWorld 2012.

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