In his BbWorld 2012 keynote address, Ray Henderson, Blackboard’s CTO and President of Academic Platforms, provided his annual report card on how Blackboard is doing against the fundamentals. Ray gave the Client Support fundamental a check plus, meaning we’re honoring the commitments we’ve made and we’ve made significant forward progress in improving the client support experience. Ray cited our improving close rates (fulfilling a promise from three years ago to bring them up to the level of ANGEL Learning), the benefits of the Upgrade Cohort Program for helping people with change management, and rising client satisfaction scores.

But that’s all our quantitative perspective.

The more important thing is: What do Blackboard clients think from a qualitative perspective? The pervasive opinion that we heard throughout BbWorld is that you agree; Client Support is fundamentally better than it was two or three years ago.

Listening Session

Every year at BbWorld we hold a Client Support Listening Session to provide a forum for clients to tell us what they think. Several years ago this session was filled with dozens of, let’s just say, less than happy people who came to tell us that Client Support wasn’t providing the level of service they needed. This year we had only four participants – a very different situation. And while the group was small, they all said the same thing. Client Support has improved dramatically.

BIE Steering Committee

We heard the same message from the Blackboard Idea Exchange Steering Committee. When we asked them “how is support doing,” they said that Client Support has significantly improved.

Executive Listening Session

And there was the Executive Listening session, another BbWorld tradition. There was a marked absence of the stories of Client Support deficiencies from years past.  In fact, when one client publicly praised the improvement in Client Support, Ray took the opportunity to thank the Client Support team for the work they have done to make a difference in this area.

Client Meetings

We also heard it in the dozens of client meetings that Client Support management held throughout the conference. While we heard about individual issues that needed attention, the pervasive sentiment is that we’ve made things a lot better.

And More

Oh, and Ray’s keynote…when he cited the improvement in the fundamentals mentioned above, he was greeted by an unsolicited round of applause.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this video featuring Dr. Suzan Harkness from the University of the District of Columbia and Tracy Stewart from Regent University. Their comments echo a lot of what we heard at BbWorld 2012. It’s gratifying to know that all the time and effort we put forth to improve the Client Support experience is paying off. We hope you agree.

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    Today I had to teach a class using Blackboard Collaborate Elluminate and I kept on getting an error message saying “Access denied. Session authentication token has expired.” I called the support number and spoke with Tyler and he sent an email with some steps to follow. I followed the steps but it still didn’t work. So I called again, gave my case ID to Owen. By now it was 10 minutes before class was scheduled to begin. He remotely accessed my laptop and took care of it. I just managed to start on time. Thanks a lot for the support!