By Pam Willingham, Volusia County Schools

Excitement is growing here in Volusia County Schools’ Propeller Studio as we get ready for our first BbWorld. You see, this year the conference is being held a short drive from our school district, so we couldn’t miss it. We’re looking forward to gathering great gobs of Blackboard know-how, to networking with peers, and to meeting new FLBbUG members. FLBbUG (pronounced” flu-bug”) is the Florida Blackboard user group which will meet July 15, 2010 from 11:00 to 11:45 in Emerald 8. Everyone is welcome to “go viral” with us.

Not only is it our first BbWorld, but a great opportunity to share with the
larger Bb community the exciting work we’ve accomplished. Propeller Studio is only three people strong, three all ready BUSY people, who might even be called a bit headstrong, if not hardworking. Somehow (and by mustering the skills of the rest of the IT department) we managed to install our own cluster of virtual Blackboard servers and orchestrate a careful takeover of the district’s existing web sites. We went from oodles of haphazard and inconsistent FrontPage web sites on an ancient server to 150 sleek, consistent, and easily maintained sites in Blackboard’s Community Engagement system. This was no small task!

We are offering to tell you our story in our BbWorld session “One K-12 District’s Story on How to Implement Blackboard Learn for Community Engagement.” We hope that your institution can learn from our journey-both the wise moves and the big mistakes. So, if you have a mess of web sites with poor branding (if any at all), inconsistent designs and layouts, non-existent maintenance, poorly trained webmasters-must I go on? We will do our best to make missing your naptime worth your time.

See you at BbWorld!

Session Info:

Title: One K-12 District’s Story on How to Implement Blackboard Learn for Community

Date: July 15, 3:15 – 4:00pm

Room: Osceola 5/6

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