By Randall Alberts, Georgia State University

Communicating with students can often be a challenge — especially
when you
re sending a critical message
that needs to go out NOW. So how do you communicate with the campus in a timely
manner? If you find yourself repeatedly faced with this question, then you
should sit in on our presentation at BbWorld 2010,
Campus Crisis
Communications Plans in the Age of the Clery Act
. This presentation will focus on a tale of two colleges and how
they each use the Blackboard Connect system to help inform their campuses.

The Blackboard Connect system allows Georgia State University and the State College of Florida to communicate to
students, staff and faculty via phone calls, text messages and e-mail.
Situations ranging from weather incidents, like a tornado or hurricane, or other
urgent events require time-sensitive messages. The key is being able to reach a
large number of people in a very short period of time.

The session will feature these campuses and describe
how each college has implemented Blackboard Connect to fit their individual
needs.  Each school has different needs
based on their campus structure, student count and location, but the system is
customizable to support the mass communication efforts of both. The session
will talk about how the system can be used by the police, as well as other
groups on campus, to get the message out.

The presentation will also discuss how each school
is populating student, faculty, and staff data into the Blackboard Connect
system. This includes pulling information from student systems, human
resources, and other sources to populate the data. By hearing proven paths
taken by others, IT and college administrators can better understand how they
can implement a like system and meet critical needs on their campus. 

Session Info:

Title: Campus Crisis Communications plans in the Age
of the Clery Act

Date: July 15, 3:15-4:00 p.m.

Room: Sarasota 1/2/3

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