Although I’ve been a consumer of numerous blogs for years, today shamefully marks my first time ever making a contribution to the blogosphere.  As a first-time blogger, I turned to the “In Plain English” series on the Common Craft Show to see if they had any educational videos for new posters.

In the past this series of clear and simple videos has been a great reference when trying to describe new technologies such as wikis and social bookmarking, particularly to my mom.  In my exploration I also learned a bit more about Sachi and Lee LeFever, founders of the Seattle-based company where “explanation” is their product.

Thanks to this easy 3-minute explanation of “Blogs in Plain English,” I picked up a better understanding of the genesis of blogs and their expansive reach over the years.

If I had to choose my favorite lesson from Lee’s 3-minute explanation, it would be the following:

Bloggers build off one another.

This is just what we’re trying to do with the BlackboardTV Channel on YouTube.  The BbTV initiative is all about helping Blackboard users leverage the power of the video blogging community — vloggers if you will.  As BbTV expands, I’m eager to see how Blackboard’s vast community of innovative users are using video to enhance the campus experience!

If you’re interested in seeing more of the “In Plain English” series, the BbTV crew has been archiving our favorite clips on the BlackboardTV Channel.

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