#BbMakingItHappen Around the World



At Blackboard, we are deeply committed to partnering with our clients to make a significant impact on education around the globe, expanding access and making a real difference in students’ lives. Our individual team members reflect that passion in the work they do every day. And 2018 was particularly powerful for us as we saw individuals and teams come together collectively as a single integrated team to make a significant impact.

This past year, we accomplished what we set out to do.  We remained focused on our goals and are proud of what we achieved: more than 500 clients moved to Learn SaaS; more than 120 clients on Learn Ultra; 3 million learners with access to Ally, our accessibility tool; and 10 million downloads of the Blackboard app. None of this would have been possible without the combined efforts of our global teams. I often hear our clients comment on the passionate, caring and extraordinary people at Blackboard with whom they interact. On behalf of the leadership team, I thank each and every Blackboard team member for their hard work this past year and congratulate them for a job well done. 

I’ve been at Blackboard for nearly 15 years, and what I saw that was different this past year was a shift in thinking about our business.  We collectively looked for ways to simplify and streamline our operations, enabling us to put our focus and energy into improving and evolving our products and meeting our clients’ needs. As we look ahead, we’ll continue to look for opportunities to further evolve, simplify and focus our business, in ways that help our clients drive learner engagement, enhance academic effectiveness and provide actionable insights.

So, today – 2/18 – our teams around the globe are celebrating our success in 2018 and generating excitement about driving that momentum forward this year and beyond in service of our clients.  Check it out on Twitter! #BbMakingItHappen