Let’s face it. The typical approach to educating association members can often be bit of a snooze.  A lack of engagement in the education process inhibits inspiration and can lead to an overall disinterest in the training topic. Why not give association members the one-two punch they are looking for?

While a traditional webinar can be effective, it is nearly impossible to get all of your members online and on the phone all at the same time. And let’s face it, clicking through the slides after-the-fact is not all that helpful. Members are hungry for value-add resources that Blackboard Learn™ for Associations offers.

  • Blackboard Learn™ for Associations adds value in your members’ eyes because it:
  • Allows members to access learning courses and materials at his or her convenience.
  • Eliminates the administrative and travel costs associated with traditional in-classroom learning.
  • Gets members to engage online through social activities like discussion boards and group projects.
  • Strips away geographical boundaries, enabling members to connect easily with subject matter experts, mentors and peers.

Continuous learning should both improve the association’s bottom line and increase its member’s satisfaction. Blackboard Learn™ can do just that by providing a real value to association members that they cannot find anywhere else. Go beyond webinars and self-paced courses, and use Blackboard’s asynchronous learning to give your members the training they need in a format they want.

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