With the widespread use of the Internet and social media among young adults, constant connectivity has become a part of their everyday life.  As members of this tech-savvy generation enter the workforce, they will form a new breed of learners- connected learners- who will demand that professional education adapt to the technological trends being utilized every day.

Connectivity in professional learning Though a grand majority of connected learners reported that social media is indispensable in their workplace, only 14% of professional training offered to this generation incorporates some form social media.  This means that corporate trainers are missing out on an opportunity to engage connected learners with educational tools their generation enjoys using, especially when it involves collaboration with peers. This absence of social media makes it difficult for connected learners to feel engaged during professional training, meaning that they will be less likely to retain the information needed to be successful in their careers.

How can I engage my connected learners? Traditional LMS systems, which don’t allow for highly interactive learning, fall short of driving true engagement with connected learners.  However, collaborative learning systems like Blackboard Learn ™ provide an intuitive and efficient platform for tapping into the training potential of social media and the informal learning it facilitates.  With the ability to host dynamic and customizable content, Blackboard Learn provides tools from wikis to webinars that will engage your connected learners and help them reach their goals in professional training and beyond. How can you best engage connected learners in your workplace?  Watch our online presentation and see how collaborative learning systems can benefit your organization: http://bit.ly/oVdMMk

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