If you’re a Blackboard software user and working on an upgrade to App Pack 2 for CE 6 and Vista 4 licenses, hopefully you know about the AP2 Upgrade Team, the AP2 wiki, and the WebCT Users List.

The AP2 Upgrade Team is a group of Blackboard solutions engineers, technical support managers, and product experts who know a lot about CE, Vista and App Pack 2.

The AP2 wiki is where we answer your questions, hold weekly "office hours" and collect essential information – upgrade reports from users, known issues, suggestions for getting started and the schedules for Webinars.  To access the AP2 wiki, log in to Behind the Blackboard and click the “Knowledge Base” link from the left hand side under “Documentation.”

Don’t miss our recurring Webinar, Hot Issues in AP2, which we update and run every two to three weeks – August 14 and 16 are the next two sessions.  This is where you get the low-down about known issues, Hot Fixes, and Service Packs that the Client Support and Engineering Services teams are working on.  For meeting times and access info, visit the AP2 wiki or go to https://blackboard.webex.com, search for “hot issues,” select your desired event, and use “ap2” as your password.

Clients are discussing many of the day-to-day issues with AP2 on the WebCT Users List.  It’s a fantastic resource.

Finally, if you’re upgrading to App Pack 2 and need something that we’re not currently providing, please contact either me (rshea@blackboard.com) or Sahar Javadi (sjavadi@blackboard.com).  We can help you locate further resources and support.

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