I’m pleased to announce the launch of two great new capabilities in Bb Student – Discussions and Selective Course Display.

Discussions play a large role in asynchronous education; they become one of the key points of engagement between instructors and students. We’ve added the ability to participate in discussions into Bb Student in a clean, simple interface. Students can create new discussion threads, browse and read the posts from their peers, and craft a thoughtful response. When an instructor has enabled it, students can post anonymously. And they can view the grading criteria for graded discussions, so they can craft their response in the context of the course goals and outcomes.


Bb Student’s new discussion capabilities work great with the familiar, classic Blackboard Learn course flavor. When instructors use Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience, students will recognize the striking similarities between the interfaces, and can switch effortlessly between a larger laptop display and a smaller mobile device.

Selective Course Display
Show Hide ClassesAs a result of the feedback we’ve gathered from students, we’ve added the ability to selectively show and hide courses in the Course Timeline. Students who have a long history of courses can turn off classes they have completed, making it easier to find their active courses.

I hope you enjoy these great new additions to Bb Student. We’ll continue to add new capabilities and release new updates to the product on a regular basis. You can find Bb Student on Apple, Android, and Windows platforms.

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