I’m looking forward to seeing you at EDUCAUSE in Indianapolis.

As faculty and students increasingly use technology in education, the “data exhaust” their activities generate provides a potential source for valuable insights that can be used for many purposes: to identify students at-risk of failing a course, to gain insights into effective course materials and facilitation strategies, to improve engagement of all students in a course, and many other actions to improve the learner experience.

One of the challenges we’ve been working on at Blackboard is providing analytics to the right people at the right time so that they can take action.  While I’m fascinated with developing algorithms and discussing predictive models, most faculty, students and administrators want insights they can act on within their regular work activities.  In the case of students and instructors, they may not even think of “analytics” as something they’re interested in.

At Blackboard, we’ve been working on new features and offerings that bring meaningful insights right to the point of need:

  • In our new Ultra LMS experience, we are providing predictive analytics-driven alerts, visualizations, and recommendations within the course experience. There is no separate “analytics and reporting” area; we’re providing analytics embedded within the core product workflows.
  • In Moodlerooms, we’re providing X-Ray Learning Analytics for instructors that embeds analytics and reports within the course: giving insights into student activity, risk status, discussions forums, and gradebook analysis.
  • For administrators and faculty interested in analyzing activity over time and through multiple data sources, we provide our dedicated analytics product offering, enabling you to make strategic decisions in retention, enrollment, engagement, and fiscal success.

Through these embedded and dedicated offerings, Blackboard is bringing our data analysis expertise and product experience directly to you; we hope these tools will help your institution make a greater difference in the lives of your learners through the insights provided.

I hope to see you at EDUCAUSE, and feel free to stop by our booth #1718 and take a look at how we’re integrating analytics.

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