When Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) set out this spring to upgrade their learning management system from Blackboard Learn™, Release 8 to Release 9.1, they knew that communication with their faculty would be the key to success.

So what exactly did they do to get faculty attention during the end of a busy spring semester? The staff at Tri-C’s Office of eLearning & Innovation created a series of animated videos that highlight new features and functionality in Release 9.1 and, at the same time, demonstrate how the new release “fixes” older issues. The aptly named “teasers” spoke to the heart of Tri-C faculty and staff.

Just watch one of the teasers to get an idea of the creativity at the Office of eLearning & Innovation. Be warned, these clips are as hilarious as they are informative!

blackboard faculty training

Watch how Cuyahoga Community College highlights new features of Blackboard 9.1 to faculty

In addition to their creative video campaigns, the Office of eLearning & Innovation developed several other resources to aid in their communication. Through the development of their Faculty Idea Sharing group, they were able to directly gather feedback and build training materials for the College faculty at large.

“Right from the beginning, we wanted to engage our faculty and communicate with them as best as we possibly could. With the Faculty Idea Sharing group, we had a group of professors that could generate feedback to inform our training and documentation, as well as identify key roadblocks to adoption. From a user perspective, our upgrade has been very positive thus far.” – James Gayhart, Senior Programmer / Analyst, Cuyahoga Community College

For ideas on how to communicate changes to your LMS, take a look at Blackboard’s faculty Communication Toolkit. Inside, you’ll find everything from email templates to introductory videos about the features themselves.

Mike Lovell was speaking to Susan Berry, Dr. Charles Dull, James Gayhart, Tisha Hardy, Genevieve Mathieson Kilmer, Dr. Gillian McKnight-Tutein, and Dr. Mace Mentch at the Cuyahoga Community College.

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