When it comes to preparing the Air Defense Artillery (ADA) for their jobs, an average textbook and lecture curriculum won’t cut it.  That’s why the students and faculty of the ADA are leveraging Blackboard solutions, in addition to simulators, for training before they get their hands on actual Army equipment. We’re especially proud of the results students have seen using our technology and the recognition the ADA has gotten for its online practices, which Marie Berberea discusses in a recent article for

“Already the platform has proven useful. Before Blackboard was part of the curriculum, there was an average of eight test failures… After its integration, that average dropped to three test failures…”

“Recently, Training and Doctrine Command acknowledged 3-6th ADA’s practices during the accreditation process stating there was exceptional efforts in ALM 2015 educational technology, Blackboard use, learner-centric simulations and innovative learning approaches.”

The article also points out several innovative approaches to learning that the Air Defense Artillery is using through Blackboard Learn, including:

  • Flipped classroom approach
  • Video to supplement written material
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Advanced learning metrics
  • Continuous learning
  • Reach back availability

At Blackboard, we are proud to serve our military by offering training solutions that can engage today’s learners to help shape them into tomorrow’s leaders. If you are interested in learning more about Blackboard’s solutions for the military, visit our website or reach out to us.

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