Advice From Our Client Community to Help You Transition to Remote Instruction


The Blackboard Community Site is a place where Blackboard users can connect and collaborate.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our clients have used the Community Site to share their contingency plans, best practices and advice to support their peers. We pulled out just a few examples to share the amazing work our clients are doing every day. Check out the below for just a peak of the conversations taking place in our Community Site every day.

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Jin Tan, System Support/Developer Analyst – Learning Technologist, Cardiff University

Using content or activities in Blackboard Learn?

As it relates to Learning Design principles, content often refers to the information, the message, digital teaching materials, the explicit knowledge that you transfer to your students. The activities refer to what you do to transfer the knowledge, such as use online discussion forum, run a quiz, send a notification, grading, making a video.

In Blackboard Learn courses, you use course tools to help design your activities, you add content in courses and your students can see the content to learn the subject topics. They take activities to engage in learning. 

For additional background on blended learning methods, I recommend the following resources: 

It includes Learning Design and the concept and terms.

Amy Eyre, E-Learning Support Officer, University of York

Question: How I can load and play a web link (audio and video) into a class? 

“Collaborate Original” previously allowed you to share a web link and then do a “virtual tour” around the website with your users. Collaborate Ultra (the new version of Collaborate) doesn’t offer that explicit feature, however, you can share your entire computer screen or just a particular application or browser tab with the class and demonstrate things. They can’t “break away” from your demo and do their own thing on the site like they could in Collaborate original,  but you can paste a link to the webpage you’re demoing in the text chat and they’ll be able to click on that link and then explore the site for themselves.

For more tips on how to use Collaborate, visit these resources:

Daymaris Alvarez, Adjunct Faculty, Miami Dade College

I have created a series of videos to help you all with the transition to virtual learning.

Making the Student the Presenter:
Student Presentations:
Recording Yourself:

We hope these entries are helpful. We encourage you to join the Blackboard Community to learn and engage with Blackboard users from around the world.