Today’s digital natives – those who have had access to computers, cell phones, email, and other forms of technology since birth – expect their professors to integrate media into the curriculum to augment learning in the classroom.

In fact, students report that campus technology offerings are an important part of their school selection criteria: CDW highlights in its annual 21st Century Campus Report that 87% of current college students considered their institution’s technology offerings when selecting their college and that 92% of current high school students say that technology is an important consideration in their college selection process.  These are amazing statistics and illustrate how important it is for institutions to consider a campus media platform that allows instructors and students to expand their educational experience and incorporate rich media into every part of the learning environment.

Problem solved!  The Kaltura Video Building Block opens up a whole range of teaching possibilities – from integration of lecture capture and video materials to enabling video assignments and sharing of student and faculty contributed video content.  Check out the great features the Building Block offers such as:

  • Seamless authoring, uploading, recording, and streaming of campus media content
  • Video hosting and streaming on desktop and mobile devices
  • Rich media ingestion, transcoding, editing, content and metadata management, and analytics

And, watch a short video walk through of the Building Block.

Video Walk Through: Kaltura’s Open Source Video Building Block for Blackboard

Kaltura provides a powerful tool to administrators, faculty, and students alike that unleashes rich media within the Blackboard Learn platform through the Video Building Block.  Download the Building Block today and, while you’re at it, sign up for a free 10GB trial.

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