A few years ago, we made a big change at Blackboard: we put learners and their needs at the center of everything we do and made this our guide for how we would support our customers. This marked the beginning of a transformation for Blackboard; one in which we re-invigorated the organization around our core mission of supporting learners along their educational journey. We were determined to make a positive impact on education and decided that we could best do this by helping our customers meet the needs of their learners every day – and into tomorrow. We have made progress in this transformation: growing our capability set to meet emerging needs, expanding our global reach, and improving our customer focus. But we aren’t done yet. Education continues to move forward and so must we if we are going to be an important partner to our customers and the industries we serve in advancing education and learner success.

Today, we are fortunate to be joined by a great leader – our new CEO Bill Ballhaus. Bill’s philosophy is directly in line with ours and his skill set is going to help us reach new heights. While this is certainly a change for Blackboard, rest assured that the heart of our mission and strategy will remain the same.

I am proud to have been a part of the transformation of Blackboard thus far. A major tenet of this change has been to stay laser-focused on the products and services we are best positioned to provide – a unique and differentiated platform and supporting capabilities that inspire and enable engagement, interaction, and quality learning experiences. Throughout this time, we ardently worked to create a robust team up and down the organizational structure. Our team members are passionate about education and hold deep connections to learners. They are talented and highly committed to our mission and to the success of our customers. This is why I am confident that, even with a change at the highest-level, we will remain focused, continue to deliver outstanding capabilities and ensure a smooth transition.

So we have defined our strategy and now, with Bill joining the company, we’ll continue to execute against it. Bill has accomplished much over his career and his operational expertise has led various businesses to great success. He and I share a fundamental belief that if you make your first priority taking care of your customers, the business results will follow. So, under his leadership Blackboard will continue our focus on doing just that. We will deliver next generation teaching and learning capabilities to the market, continue our international growth, and improve even further the way we serve our customers and strive to exceed their expectations. Bill is uniquely positioned to help us execute against these priorities, and with him we’ll achieve significant advances for our customers and for Blackboard.

I am certain that Blackboard is in the right hands, and I could not be more excited for our future.


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