By Guest Blogger Yair Riemer, VP of Marketing,

Featured Student:

Jessica Jackson

Troy University, Class of 2014

Major – Marketing

Hometown – Mobile, AL

Troy University Marketing Major Jessica Jackson isn’t your typical college student. Over the past few years, she’s interned with international marketing and branding giants like Disney and IMG, and recently completed a marketing and advertising internship with Red Square Agency in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

The College Senior sees tremendous value from using within Troy University’s Blackboard system – a great complement to her academic and other student services.

According to Jackson, “I had created an account before college, and then a few years later, my Sophomore year of college I went to Career Services and they told me I was able to access through Blackboard – so I stumbled back upon it!”

“ is extremely valuable. I enjoy it because it gives you access to employers and other internships that you may not have access to, and I love that there are virtual internships listed,” Jackson continued. “It’s convenient for college students to be able to work from their dorms or apartments – and not have to worry about finding someone for a sub-lease or moving to a new city. Virtual internships in are a big plus.”

In addition to virtual internships, Jackson has taken advantage of the product’s features – refining and filtering her search by geography as well as paid and unpaid positions. And her closest friends are having success too.

“One of my best friends – we are both from Mobile – also got her internship on this summer. She’s interning in Atlanta and majoring in Broadcast Journalism. We’ve both had great success on the site, and we give each other tips and tricks in the interview process and send each other articles to succeed,” Jackson continued.

The key for Jackson and her peers is to complement the university’s academic curriculum and learning resources within Blackboard with the relevant internship and work experience needed to go out into the workforce and make a difference. “You can’t just have the mindset when you graduate that a degree is enough and that you can put your foot in the door, you need that next step – work experience,” she continued.

And with the free building block within Blackboard, students across the country can have the same success Jackson is having – in preparation for entering the workforce.

Jackson’s goal and ideal career would be to work at a marketing firm – specifically at a sports marketing or fashion marketing company, and with her early collegiate successes and internship experience, she is well positioned to make those goals a reality.

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  • Patricia Jackson

    I’m so proud of you Jessica. Way to go Girl! Keep up the good work, the sky is the limit!