The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone through a transformation in education in the last 50 years. A country that once only had 7,000 students enrolled in universities now has more than a million –and half of them are women.

The journey was full of challenges. Universal access to a gold standard of education to all students, especially those who lived in remote areas, was non-existent. Nationally essential courses could not be delivered quickly and efficiently. And most importantly, they had to address a question that is familiar to many countries around the world today: how could they evolve to meet the needs of an emerging generation of non-traditional students? E-Learning was essential, but many universities in the Kingdom were slow to adopt it.

To develop this success story we met with the Rector of Saudi E-University and former Deputy Education Minister in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Mosa. We also met with Dr. Salem Alkhalef, Vice Dean of E-Learning and Distance Learning of Qassim University. In our case study, we discuss how the Kingdom has evolved to adapt to the changing needs of their economy and society. How it started with a vision and how Blackboard delivered the gold standard in online learning solutions to over 2 million users in only 18 months. We look at the solutions we implemented, the project teams involved and the results so far. The partnership between Blackboard and the Ministry of Education has had a dramatic effect on the standards and reputation of both individual universities and the national education system.

Download the case study.

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