The votes are in: here’s what your peers were reading about in 2017.  Spend a few minutes on this quick retrospective of the top topics in higher education from strategic plans to student views.

  1. How valuable is college? A Gen Z perspective

What’s the difference between Gen Z and Millennials? Read more about the goals of your incoming freshman class.

  1. The future of higher education policy under President Trump

It’s been a turbulent year in Washington. See what we predicted, and keep on top of our policy outlook for the future.

  1. Putting learning analytics data in the hands of students
  2. Surprising lessons from research on student feedback about data dashboards

Digital natives are used to tracking their progress and success in dashboards and online alerts. These two posts look at how to use analytics with your student data to improve student outcomes and success.

  1. 3 steps toward an eLearning Strategic Plan

Institutions with detailed plans see noticeable gains in student performance and retention rates for their online learning environment.  Read about the first 3 steps to creating or improving your plan.

2018 can be a banner year. Let’s work together to enable success for your students and institution. Blackboard’s innovative technologies and services go beyond LMS to support you in all the aspects of education.

Let’s continue the conversation, join us at BbWorld18.


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