Blackboard Collaborate Customers and Partners,

I write today to acknowledge that over the past several weeks your Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing experience may have been below the high standard you expect from us.  I speak for the entire Collaborate organization when I say that we are deeply sorry for this, and we are totally committed to returning our service to the expected levels.  We thank you for your patience as we work to return this important service to the high level of performance you’ve come to enjoy.

Let me start with an executive summary of what’s occurring.  Collaborate has been subjected to a series of distributed denial-of-service attempts, or DDoS.  During these events a large number of connections flood our systems, draining resources and causing unpredictable behavior for end users.  Given the synchronous nature of our solutions, the impact to our service is much more noticeable and impactful.

It’s important to note that at no time have our systems been compromised nor has the Collaborate application failed.  Rather, network congestion caused by the DDoS attempts has prevented our community from enjoying typical levels of performance.

We have now researched and tested a path to resolution.  We have already taken steps to shorten the duration of the disruptions and are implementing a plan to prevent them altogether. It requires that we filter all traffic, and sort out the bad DDoS requests from the good client traffic.  As we implement these changes, there may be some temporary and relatively minor performance degradation, but we expect it to be a small inconvenience that allows us to confidently restore consistent and reliable service by early March.

We’ve emailed details regarding upcoming changes to Collaborate administrators earlier today.  Click here for details.

I want to extend our sincere apologies to not only our customers, but also to the impacted teachers and the students for the resultant service disruptions that these DDoS attempts have caused.  Every student deserves the best educational experience each and every day, and we take our responsibility to facilitate that experience seriously.

If you have questions or want to provide feedback directly related to this topic, please contact us at

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Maurice Heiblum

President, Blackboard Collaborate


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  • Isabel

    It’s now been a month and we’re still experiencing disruptions to our blackboard collaborate – for example it’s been pretty much every afternoon this week. As we offer online tutoring, we’re having to offer our customers additional lessons due these disruptions – costing our company money. It’s quite unacceptable and an apology dating back to middle of February isn’t good enough.

  • Anon

    I am still experiencing problems as well. Especially this morning.

  • Angiee Le

    Blackboard is down. RIGHT IN MY QUIZ!!!!! THANKS A LOT!!!! I have TWO quiz due the next 20mins and stupid blackboard is down. WHAT THE HECK MAN!!!! why didn’t u guys do the updates or whatever on SAT or something. WHY ON FRIDAY?!!!!! OMG!!!! THANKS FOR SCREWING MY GRADES!!!

  • Capella

    hi again on Blackboard

  • fbn

    are things better or are you still have disruption problems??