The North America Higher Ed team was also on the road this week at the Higher Learning Commission event in Chicago,
IL, kicking off the launch of 9.1 with a Town Hall Meeting, hosted by Brett
Frazier, a Senior Vice President in Blackboard’s North America Higher Education

During the session, Brett shared his thoughts about the role
that technology can play in solving business challenges faced by postsecondary
institutions, and he engaged in a discussion with conference attendees about how
Blackboard is mobilizing to better support colleges and universities with
Release 9.1, the recent announcement of Blackboard Mobile Learn, and new
offerings in Managed Hosting.

Blackboard’s Eric Stine also presented a session on “Learn
2.0 – A 21st Century Vision,” focusing on America's need to deliver
innovation through a new generation of highly educated knowledge workers. 
Eric highlighted that as solutions for mass communication, mobility, and
learning management come together, they present a platform for achieving
greater K through Higher Ed (K20) collaboration, measuring and improving
student performance, and positively impacting institutional
finances.  He also discussed how Release 9.1 can support these goals
with a range of upgrades and improvements that have been designed with the
needs of the 21st century learner in mind.

To learn more about Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 visit

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