7 New Ways Video Enlivens Content for Students & Teachers


Today’s students are more digitally savvy than ever before, they want to learn in a way that makes sense to them and their digital world is quite literally an extension of who they are.  Flexibility and a more personalised experience are what they seek, and to be educated whenever and wherever they happen to be.

Thankfully digital video has enabled institutions in higher education to meet these demands and many are using video in new ways to enhance pedagogy.  According to statistics gathered from more than 1500 institutions in the 2018 State of Video and Education survey by video technology provider Kaltura, over 82% of institutions are using video content in their classroom.  Not only that, institutions are increasingly using video to guide the assignment process as well as utilising video as stimulators for the content in the formation of assignments.

Employers now expect graduates to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to participate in a digital culture, and the next generation workforce expects nothing less. In turn, institutions have been compelled to quickly adapt to this new reality and through video, lecturers are finding they can efficiently deliver complex information and content that keeps the student’s attention and motivates.

The following is a list of seven new ways Blackboard and Kaltura can help your institution improve instructor efficiency and effectiveness while enlivening content for students using video.

1. Lecture & Personal Capture

Moving away from the passive ways of teaching, Kaltura offers classroom capture so lecturers actively collaborate with the technology and make the learning environment a richer and more interactive place to be.  Lecturers can create and edit media content using Kaltura’s built-in tools such as the desktop recorder, and leverage Kaltura Lecture Capture to record any classroom. All content is then published directly to the LMS for students to consume in the click of a button.

2. Remote Learning

Helping distance learners participate fully with recorded lectures and interactive video is crucial.  One way to increase the effectiveness of training is with Interactive Video Quizzing (IVQ) which allows students to answer questions and find solutions in real-time in the video experience.

3. Accessibility

Automated captions for the hearing impaired ensure everyone has access to class materials. On top of a transcript service, closed captions and even translated subtitles can easily be added to video through Kaltura REACH.

4. Course Materials

With a unified video platform, you can easily pull in video content from a library and archive materials, professors’ blogs and pools of department resources.  An archive of class recordings with searchable metadata is a simple way to create study guides and review exam material.  In addition, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) enables you to search through every spoken word in order to find exactly what you’re looking for.

5. Video Assignments & Assessments

Kaltura’s platform supports an end-to-end video strategy and seamlessly integrates into the Blackboard LMS.  Students and faculty already familiar with Blackboard Learn can tap into Kaltura’s features which allow you to publish videos directly to a Blackboard Learn course or share with other faculty members across campus to use in their own courses.  Videos can be added to assignments, discussions, tests, and quizzes, and announcements—anywhere a rich text editor is available.

6. Grading

Integration with Kaltura allows you to grade video assignments right from within the course, which are then automatically synced to the Blackboard Grade Centre.  The in-video quizzing allows for the results of the quiz to be passed back to the Blackboard Grade Book.

7. Marketing Courses & Campus Promotion

By using video content that is engaging, institutions can more effectively market courses and their campus.  This provides interactive experiences for new students to discover the university and reveal what course is suitable for them.

To learn more about Blackboard’s partnerships head to https://anz.blackboard.com/partnership/blackboard-reseller.html