5 Ways to Tackle Training Mistakes at Work


Every corporate training manager has been there before: Your employees are dreading their next round of training, and you’re cringing at how much it will cost…and with questionable return on your investment. Especially in today’s fast-paced business environment, companies need training that gives employees the information they need without taking them off the job (and away from the customer) for extended periods of time.

At Blackboard, we are excited to offer training solutions to businesses of all sizes to use the best of today’s social and mobile technologies for a more engaging, effecting training experience.  So if you feel like your company’s training sounds like descriptions in the “before” category, take a look at the ways Blackboard can help:


After switching to Blackboard…

1. Well, if I have to: You tell them the time and place and they attend, but only to check the box.

Go at your own pace: Adopting a self-paced learning plan helps your employees reap the benefits of training that is targeted to their needs and at their own pace.

2.Fixed classroom: One setting, one speaker, and maybe some text-heavy slides if you’re lucky.  A “sage on the stage” trainer drones for hours in a monologue with no participation from trainees (who fight to stay awake).

Let’s flip the classroom: By switching lecture time and “homework,” the flipped classroom method lets employees watch recorded lectures wherever and whenever they prefer. The precious face-to-face time is then reserved for discussion and collaboration.

3. Fire hose of content: You have a lot to share and only short amount of time to do so.  You’re throwing as much information as you can, hoping the knowledge will stick.

A steady stream of bite-sized learning: By storing relevant training videos, documents, and podcasts in one easy-to-access online learning destination, employees can complete training at a gradual pace that makes information easier to digest.

4. Nothing on demand:  Training occurs far from the point of need, giving employees no way to access training resources when they need it the most.  And let’s be realistic, no one is looking at that stack of binders.

Learning at your demand: Prefer to learn on the web, or even from a mobile device between meetings? No problem. Online learning means training can occur anywhere, any time, on any device.

5. Fly-in and cryin’: You waste your budget on flying everyone in for training, but have to be stingy on the actual learning activities – killing any chance for real results.

Leverage blended learning to save time and your budget: Pre-work can be completed online so that limited in-person training time can spark rich informed discussions and save on travel costs.


What other training mistakes would you add to the list above? Has Blackboard helped your company get out of a training rut? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!