5 ways engaged parents bolster student success


Recent studies show that students with involved parents are more likely to…

  1. Achieve better grades and test scores. 
  2. Tackle more rigorous classes.
  3. Advance grade levels and earn credits. 
  4. Exhibit positive behavior and attendance. 
  5. Graduate with honors.

Parent involvement and support is a key priority amongst most communications leaders. In fact, 64% of communications leaders said that building trust and confidence in their local schools is a key area of focus each year. Furthermore, 93% of communications leaders said that parents of school-aged children are one of the primary audiences they address with their communications strategies (Project Tomorrow, 2015).

When we think about parent engagement, it’s necessary to leverage communications tools like websites, mobile apps, social media, and outreach messaging to optimize their involvement. However, finding ways to connect with busy parents can still be challenging when it comes to face-to-face meetings.

Based upon 2015 data from the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 64% of families with school-aged children both the mother and the father are employed outside the home. In single parent homes, that percentage jumps to 75% for mothers and 81% for fathers.

As a result, most parents cannot visit with their child’s teacher before or after school and some are even unable to attend important meetings if they are held on a workday. Therefore, virtual meeting tools are becoming increasingly valuable to keep parents informed about student performance.

One way to start engaging your on-the-go parents in new and meaningful ways to nurture each student’s academic success is to delight them with a modern web conferencing experience.

Ideas for engaging your parents through online collaboration include: virtual parent-teacher conferences, school board and town hall meetings, school, PTA and extra curricular program meetings and more.

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